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Dear Reader,

I’m Janet Johnson, of Educational Financial Solutions. Whatever your school needs to help organise your finances more efficiently, we are committed to helping you. In fact, I’d like to offer you a special gift to help you know exactly where you can make improvements: a free copy of my new guide, “Making the most of your school’s finances”.

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Some of the topics I cover inside include:

  • The complexities of school payrolls
  • Keeping up to date with regulations
  • Recruiting new staff for financial and administrative positions
  • Budget monitoring and forecasting for senior management and governors
  • Training staff

And much more besides! Having spent 15 years working as an educational financial consultant, the advice inside is all drawn directly from my career in this industry spent helping schools to make their finances more efficient.

We have a key ethos at EFS – that schools and education should always come first. This guide reflects that ethos and will help ensure you know exactly what improvements you can make!

Just fill in the form to claim your free guide

All you need to do to claim your free copy is spend a few seconds filling in your details in the form on the right, after which it will be put straight in the post, with my compliments.

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Janet Johnson

Janet Johnson

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